iOS 7 & iPhone 6: Kickstarting A Revolution

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2013 could be the year when the iPhone returns once more to being the iconic brand that it was in 2007. We’re of course talking about the rumors of the upcoming iPhone 6 and iOS 7.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: when will Apple get its head back in the game?

On the other hand some people are saying that this will not happen. There are some that believe that if something isn’t broken then it doesn’t need fixing. However iOS 6 has the same looks as the OS before it, iOS 5 and before that and…..well you get it. Exterior-wise as well, when it comes to looks there is nothing much to make the iPhone 5 stand out from the iPhone 4S, or iPhone 4 in comparison to the jump up from the iPhone 4 from the 3GS we saw years ago.

No one has told us that Apple is actually working on a brand new OS, however with the shake-up at Apple and Jony Ive at the helm of the software team now as well, it is possible. A new OS could include new features and some of these might be what people have been waiting years for.

So what changes might be coming with iOS 7? PhoneDog had some suggestions about this. Their blog said that on a really basic level the iPhone 6 could introduce animated icons. This could be taken further if the icons provided users with dynamic information. For instance information could pop up when the icon was touched and it could be based on the functionality of the app. This would give iOS 7 a brand new look and it would be different and it would add spice to iOS.

Apple will always combine software platforms and new features on a new OS would be superb, however Apple might consider making the new operating system work in a similar way to Mac OS X, on their desktop computers. A widget that was scrollable on the homepage would be nice, along with a client for Twitter. These apps could have support for iCloud sync, after all this is already seen with other apps on the device.

There are those that might say that this would be a rip off of the Android OS. But then Apple could change things slightly and make it different so as to make it their own.

Rumour of an iPhone 6 in 2013 is something to look forward to as the rumor mill suggests an early WWDC summer launch.

Name wise Apple might want to go down a similar route to what they did when the revealed the new iPad, which was just called the “New iPad”. Does Apple really need an “S” or a number behind the iPhone name?

What might put a spoke in the wheels are the die-hard Apple fans. However even they have to admit that changes are needed and Apple must move with the time. When the iPhone 5 was released it came with a new screen size and this was accepted by iPhone fans and it helped the device to sell well. Therefore this proves that Apple fans will welcome change to their beloved iPhone design. iOS 6 of course isn’t broken, however there is nothing to say that it cannot be improved upon.

In the past Apple have told users of the iPhone why they don’t have to have NFC, the option of charging wirelessly and external storage along with a larger battery and a big display, however perhaps 2013 will be the year when they should start to listen to what their fans actually want from the iPhone instead of telling them what they need. Any or all of these features could be welcomed by fans of the iPhone so maybe Apple should do as other manufacturers have done and see how appreciated they might be. After all including features such as these in the iPhone 6 couldn’t deter from the experience of the handset. If owners of the iPhone didn’t want them, then they would simply just not use them, and for all those that did, they would be there. Furthermore Apple has always enjoyed profit margins that are healthy, so this cannot be the reason why the company cuts back on such add-ons.

Personally I would you like to see a redesigned iOS 7 and revolutionary iPhone 6 redesigned from the ground up instead of an evolutionary iPhone 5S. Given the state of the competition and the rate that they are innovating, Apple would need to step up its game if it wants to be that same iconic brand that took the world by storm in 2007 when they introduced the first iPhone.

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