iOS 7 & iPhone 6: Time To Reclaim The Magic

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2013 could be the year when Apple and the iPhone go back to what they once were; that’s our predictions for the Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7: Apple to bring back the magic

Some are saying that this is not about to happen as Apple doesn’t need fixing. However iOS 6 does happen to look the same as every other version of the software before it and the Apple iPhone 5 too looks a lot like its predecessors, with the exception of the slightly larger display and longer body. It looks very much the same as the Apple iPhone 4 and 4S.

While there has not been confirmation that Apple are working on a brand new OS, Jony Ive is now at the helm of Apple’s software team and we are expecting some changes. A new iOS UI could provide fans of the Apple iPhone with a much needed makeover.

PhoneDog recently had some ideas of what changes we might see this year. The Apple iPhone 6 could have icons that are animated and which could provide users with information that is dynamic. This could include the icon popping out information when it was touched, this would provide users of iOS with a new look and it would be very different from anything that is out there at the moment.

Apple has always enjoyed combining their platforms and they could introduce some features into their new OS this way. They may make their new OS work similar to the way the Mac OS works on desktop PCs. There could be a widget that was scrollable on the home screen, along with a similar client for Twitter. These apps may use iCloud sync, as other Apple apps already have this.

There are some people that have said if Apple goes down this road it would be an Android rip-off. But just like how Android has widgets but Windows Phone 8 has Live Tiles, Apple could change things a little to ensure that they make it their own yet deliver the same live information.

The Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 could change things if it is released at WWDC 2013 in the summer with big changes.

Some fans of Apple may not want changes, however everyone knows that life and tech moves in the fast lane, so they may need to change with it or they could be left behind. Apple changed the display size of the Apple iPhone 5 and this was accepted. iOS 6 is of course a superb OS, however it could become even better if they think a little more drastically as they did with the iPhone 5 display size.

In the past Apple have said that NFC, a larger battery, wireless charging and SD card support is not needed. However fans want these things as we’ve seen on Android and Apple should sit up and take notice. Apple cannot say that it is the cost of features such as these that are holding them back, as they have profit margins that are healthy to say the least.

I for one would like to see iOS 7 feature a revamped UI that ditches the skeumorphism design along with a new body for the device that doesn’t resemble its predecessors. Apple should stand back and look at how their competition is altering and evolving, along with how fast this is happening. They really need to do something if they want to regain the mojo they had in 2007 when the first Apple iPhone was released and immediately dubbed iconic.

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