Photos: iPhone 6 Running iOS 7 Which Is A Mac OS X Hybrid! [AWESOME FC CONCEPT]

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Apple released the Apple iPhone 5 just months ago, however this hasn’t stopped one designer from designing a concept phone of what the next gen iPhone 6 could look like.

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 concept

Italian designer, Federico Ciccarese, has posted stunning renders of his version of the Apple iPhone 6. The pictures show significant changes to the external looks of the phone and the OS.

The concept idea was based on the iPod Nano shape, however when on the Apple iPhone 6, it does take on the looks of the Nokia Lumia. The designer has also introduced an OS, which he called iOSX instead of iOS 7. Why? It is a cross between Mac OS X and iOS 7.

It will be many months yet before Apple releases a new Apple iPhone 6, and up to now there haven’t been many rumours about how the handset might look. An analyst recently said that Apple would launch the next device in more colours and display sizes; this would be like the iPod and iPod Nano.

The designer isn’t new when it comes to concept Apple devices. He previously gave us his look into the Apple iPhone 5 and Apple TV, with both having curved displays.

So check out the photo and let us know what you think, would you like to see the Apple iPhone 6 and iOS 7 changed so radically from its predecessors?

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 concept

iPhone 6 & iOS 7 concept

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