You’ve Seen The iPhone 6, Now Apple iOS 7 Features Visualized

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Earlier this week we saw a very interesting iPhone 6 concept video that showed us what the upcoming Apple phone could look like from the eyes of a designer. Now it is time to see iOS 7 visualized in this new concept video.

After iPhone 6, new iOS 7 concept videos surface

It is strange considering the new iOS 7 when people are still having so many issues with the current iOS 6. Apple might want people to believe that they have remedied the issues with battery and Wi-Fi, however people continue to report issues and problems. Of course every new OS brings with it new features, which are kept hidden, however fans of Apple generally have some idea about what Apple may be set to reveal when they launch their next operating system.

In the past fans of iOS have been let down by Apple, who have failed to deliver features that fans most want. This has led to some people making the move to Android. Moving is not simple of course due to the fact that those on iOS are committed, they also like the fact that Apple App Store is looked over by Apple.

New features that may come in iOS 7 have been seen in videos. The first of which is a concept based on alerts if you have Do Not Disturb activated. It would of course be great if you could set your own apps and this has been highlighted with the Apple maps app, which is the default. However Google maps are once again available and many would like this to be the default map app.

The camera app is very basic and this should have a makeover if it is to remain in competition with Android devices. After all there is something wrong if you need to rely on apps from 3rd parties to be able to do more with your photos. Siri should be smarter and this is a feature that people want improving in iOS 7. Siri has been with us for a while and upgrades have been made, however it is nowhere near perfect.

Another idea is to have icons that are resizable; this is something that is highlighted in the second video. Other features which may come with iOS 7 could be Swype keyboard, better content for Passbook and Cloud gaming.

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