iOS 7 A Major Setback For iPhone 5S… iOS 8 Anyone? [PR]

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People have been trying to make predictions of which version of the Apple iPhone the company will reveal next. In the past this has been simple, however thanks to the stunt that they pulled off last year with the Apple iPad, matters have now been confused. There are always rumours going around and many of these relate to whether Apple will launch the Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6.

People have said that Apple will have to launch the Apple iPhone 6 this year and that the device would need to come with some very big changes. This of course could come around towards the end of the year. We believe this as there have been rumours that Apple may choose to reveal more than one device this year. One of these handsets may be a cheaper version of the iPhone.

We think that Apple will reveal the Apple iPhone 5S down to a couple of reasons. The first of these is that Apple always release an interim device and the second reason is that iOS 7 would not be able to deal with the specs of the Apple iPhone 6, so it would have to wait until Apple launched iOS 8 suggests Product-Reviews (PR).

Analysts have said that Apple will reveal the Apple iPhone 6 towards the end of the year. However iOS 7 may not be ready for a device with a form factor that was larger, along with making a move to a 20 nm processor. This is interesting, however you do need to take this with a good pinch of salt, as you do all rumours.

Apple will no doubt be updating their handset this year and it will be interesting to see the features that are needed with iOS 7. This would be a change to the user interface. The concept video was superb and this did help to show the process that was behind the concept UI.

If we were to bet then we would say that the next Apple iPhone would be announced in September, if it was before then Apple would be rushing things. iOS 7 could be downloaded a week or so before this date and we have to keep our fingers crossed that we will not have a price to pay for new specs. Apple of course is known to have issues with batteries on their iPhones.

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