iOS 7 On iPhone 5: Minimalist UI, Widgets & More “Jony Ive Touches” (Concept)

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There has been a new concept iOS 7 Apple iPhone 5 shown off today, with quick settings. The concept device comes from Andre Luis Moreira and the device is packed with some refinements that are essential over the original design and Quick Settings fit the Apple iPhone 5 display of 4 inches.

iPhone 5 iOS 7 renders

One of the first things that you will see is the SBSettings like page which comes with an edit mode, as opposed to the menu that it had earlier. Access is by pulling the pane of Quick Settings all the way up to expose a hidden layer of gears that are animated.

You will be able to access features from the settings and choose which sliders that you want to access regularly from the Quick Settings. This edit mode happens to be flashy, however it is also functional.

One of the potential issues has been addressed and this is the fact that it wasn’t possible to enter Quick Settings when you were in an app. Now you are able to shake the iPhone to get access to Quick Settings anytime you want and this gets the job done.

Check out the video below to see an iOS 7 iPhone 5 concept in action and tell us if you are hoping for Jony Ive to give iOS a makeover now that he is also part of Apple’s software team.

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