iOS 7: What Improvements Could Jony Ive Introduce

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With iPhone 6 & iOS 7 rumors flying high right now, there have been speculations of what new hardware we could expect in the iPhone 6. However what is left open to discussion is iOS 7.

We know Apple may introduce a couple of enhancements to iOS 7 however with Jony Ive now on the software end as well, some fans are expecting big changes. So what could the Apple design guru do with iOS 7 to make it better? Here are some predictions.

iOS 7 features (predictions)

For starters, iOS 7 may get a much needed visual refresh. Sure round rectangles scream Apple but they could play around with textures. We’ve seen most OS’s go down the minimalist path so that is a certain possibility.

Another enhancement could come by way of interactivity. Android has widgets and Windows Phone has Live Tiles. Given that Apple is already trying to make their devices more interactive with the notification bar and more lockscreen features, we could see some live information introduced to the homescreen. If not for all at the most the weather, clock and mail.

Other smaller changes Apple may want to put in iOS 7 would be a beefier notification bar, option to remove icons/folders from screen which are some of its shortcomings when you compare iOS 6 to the rivals.

Is there anything else you think Apple and Jony Ive could add to iOS 7?

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