If iOS 7 Is Half As Impressive As This Then Bring It!

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iOS is very popular around the world and there is little doubt that it is one of the smoothest operating systems. There are some people who believe that the OS have become stagnated and that nothing much has changed.

Jony Ive is not at the forefront and fans of Apple believe that some big changes are on the way with iOS7. A video has been uploaded to YouTube showing off what iOS 7 could look like. it comes with better notification, multi-tasking and Social Hub.

Apple doesn’t seem to like changes and jailbreakers have been helping to improve OS. When Apple did make changes they didn’t go down so well and this was seen with Apple Maps. Multi-tasking is incomplete along with notifications and Game Centre.

This is one of the best concepts that we have seen up to now and we love the enriched notification and app experience, which is interactive. The Notification Centre provides a totally new level of functionality too.

The upward swipe gestures from the multi-task bar have been banished and the interface takes on a more Expose like one as you are able to check apps that are open and the bar comes in very useful. If these are seen in iOS7 then they would be welcomed.

What makes the concept stand out is the Social Hub. It makes keeping up with friends a superb experience. Integration is also better with Facebook and Twitter, while the Social Hub keeps everything in place.

The Notification Centre is the winner here and we do hope that we see this in iOS7 when Apple release it.

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