If This Is iOS 7 Then Shut Up & Take My Money!

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One of the most loved operating systems is iOS of Apple. There is no doubt that the OS is the smoothest. However some users have said that the OS has been stagnating recently and when iOS 6 was released, people thought that it was just the same old same old. However now that Jony Ive has taken over the helm of Apple, fans are hoping that there will be some changes coming their way by way of iOS 7. A person from YouTube by the name of BlogB13 is among these fans.  He has taken iOS 6 and revamped it with many new features. Some of these include notifications, Social Hub and a multi-tasking idea that is new which we hope to see in iOS 7.

There is no doubt that Apple seem to hold back when it comes to making changes with software. The teams of jail breakers have helped to improve the core of iOS and Apple have made some changes, however some of these have not been for the better. This has included Apple Maps and the incomplete multi-tasking, notifications and game centre.

This new iOS 7 concept happens to be the best we have seen so far. The Notification Centre is now enriched and each of the apps offers an interactive experience. The conceptual arrangement which is seen with the Notification Centre, now takes on a whole new level of functionality.

The simple upward swipe gesture for the multi-task bar has now been lost to an interface which is Expose like. Users are able to preview apps that are open, and the new bar is a great deal more useful. This would be a superb feature if it were to come out with iOS 7.

The Social Hub is another feature that stands out and it makes talking with friends a lot more pleasurable. Integration with Twitter and Facebook is less of a concern with iOS 7. However Social Hub does ensure that everything is held in one place.

So check it out and let us know what you think. I think that the Notification Centre is a winner here. As we have been disappointed with small changes to iOS, I will not be the only one that hopes to see some bigger changes next time.

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