iOS 6.1 Update: Biggest Problem With iOS 6 Still Exists

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There is great news for those who own iOS 6 devices. Apple released their beta 5 of iOS 6 earlier this week and now they have released the iOS 6.1 software update, which can be downloaded by anyone. However if you thought that the biggest blunder of IOS 6, Apple Maps, would finally be better then you will be disappointed.

iOS 6.1 update brings many new features & fixes but doesn’t help Apple Maps

If you go into the Settings of your devices you will find that there is the update to iOS 6.1 to install OTA and it is 78.7MB. Before updating you could want to read the changelog, however the changes that have been made are minimal.

One of the largest changes is that LTE now supports more carriers. You can also buy your tickets for movies with Fandango, using Siri. Other than these changes there is nothing to write home about and there has been no major revamp of the Maps App, which has been criticised.

Of course many owners of iOS have moved back to Google Maps and Apple do need more time to work on the app to get it to work as it should. The search accuracy is still not perfect and those using Google Maps have a lot more success.

Tim Cook did say that the Map App was under par but that changes were coming. Sadly this has not happened in iOS 6.1, so let’s hope it happens in iOS 6.2.

As for the iPhone 5 iOS 6 untethered jailbreak, now that iOS 6.1 is out word is it is just around the corner.

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