iOS May Soon Resemble Android Jelly Bean & WP8 Metro UIs

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Jonathan Ive is now in charge of designing OS X and iOS and this means that more than likely changes will be coming to the operating system.

Apple iOS may soon take on a minimalistic look like Android Jelly Bean & Windows Phone 8

So what might we expect from Ives? At the moment nothing is definite, however BGR reports that one designer who knows Ive has said that the man will not waste any time in giving iOS an overhaul when it comes to the design, to ensure that it will fit in with his minimalist designs for hardware.

The source told the Times that the makeover will include flat surfaces and edges that are clean. This would replace textures that are at the minute all over the place. This means that fans of iOS can look forward to a more industrial and clean look than what we have now.

Of course there are other “less gaudy” mobile OS’s out there already. In particular Android Jelly Bean. Android of course received an overhaul since hitting Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) where Google introduced what has been dubbed Holo UI. The clean and minimalistic look grew very popular and is still what is being used in Jelly Bean builds. Simultaneously Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 OS follows similar lines. If you skip past the Metro Tiles UI of the homescreen, the inner pages are also very minimalistic and follow the same lines of OS’ like Android (albeit it has no blue tint).

So don’t be surprised if this is the direction iOS 7 may be headed to as well. After all, with the iPhone 5 boasting super clean lines out the exterior and an industrial design, nothing would compliment it better.

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