iOS 6: Is It Wise To Upgrade Knowing The Problems?

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The latest OS from Apple, iOS 6, was released on 19th September just days before the iPhone 5 hit stores nationwide. While the OS has many new features, it also has its drawbacks, many of which have been posted in forums online over the last few days. So should you wait to upgrade to iOS 6 if you haven’t already?

iOS 6: should you upgrade your iPhone to the latest OS?

One of the biggest problems and let downs with the iPhone 5 was Apple maps. This has been one part of iOS 6 which has seen many problems and one which Tim Cook issued an apology about. However it doesn’t seem to have stopped people owning older iPhone models from updating to the new operating system, as it has seen double the amount of adoption rate following the first two days of its release, compared to iOS 5.

There have also been issues with Siri, social media and PassBook. Many iPhone 4S users have also complained of poorer battery life after the update, with many seeing up to a 25% difference. Of course there are positives too. One of the main reasons for making the upgrade is FaceTime over 3G. This is a big improvement since FaceTime arrived on iOS. Originally it could only be used on Wi-Fi.

PassBook may have its issues with compatible apps, however when more companies participate and add support, it will increase and it could end up being very useful. This is a mobile wallet that stores things such as your hotel or plan tickets along with boarding passes and much more.

Siri also has problems but there have been improvements and despite these some people have said that it is slow. It does deal better with accents and there is added functionality. There is also better integration for FaceBook and Twitter and the FaceBook calendar can now be integrated with the built in calendar of the OS.

There has also been improvements to the Safari web browser, including being able to post videos and photos. iCloud Tabs ensure that whatever device you browse on your tabs stay in tune with each other.

All in all while there are clearly some issues with iOS 6 but there is a lot of good in the update too. Many of the problems posted online could be down to teething troubles and there likely will be an update coming along shortly to remedy it. If you can live without Google Maps then do make the upgrade as the pros outweigh the cons.

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