Should You Update To iOS 6 Despite The Issues?

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Apple’s latest OS, iOS 6, was released on September 19, mere days before the iPhone 5. The OS has lots of new features, as well as a few drawbacks. The drawbacks have hit the forums already, so have a look and a think before you push the button yourself.

iOS 6: should you upgrade knowing the drawbacks?

By far the biggest let down was Apple Maps. They are so bad that Tim Cook has said “Sowwee” about them and it has become a curse phrase for whoever wishes to put the iPhone 5 down. The flaw however hasn’t stopped people on older models from updating, as it had twice the uptake in its first two days than iOS 5 did.

There have also been problems with Siri, PassBook and social media. Lots of 4S users have whinged about poor battery life, with some claiming a 25% drop. There are actually some positives – like FaceTime over 3G. This is a big step up, as previously you could only use it on Wi-Fi.

PassBook has problems with compatible apps, but this will get ironed out as people catch on. In time, it’ll prove very useful indeed. PassBook is a mobile wallet that stores boarding passes, tickets, hotel documents and so on.

Siri has had probs too, and despite improvements, people still say it’s slow. It’s handling accents better, and there’s more functionality that iOS 6 brings to it. It also integrates better with Facebook and Twitter, and the Facebook calendar can be integrated with the inbuilt OS calendar.

You’ll also see improvements to Safari, like being able to post videos and photos. iCloud Tabs makes sure that whichever device you’re browsing on, your tabs stay connected to one another.

So, there are some issues with iOS 6, but there’s lots to commend the update. A lot of the gripes are down to teething troubles and these may all be solved by an update. If you’re not bothered about Google Maps, then do the update now and don’t worry about the other gripes. Go on….it’ll be OK.

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