iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Finally Upon Us!

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iOS 6 and iPhone 4S users will be delighted to know that there’s a video of an iPhone 4S using running iOS 6 and using Cydia, which means that developers might have jailbroken iOS 6! Which means in turn that the iPhone 5 might be next!

iPhone 4S with Cydia shows iOS 6 jailbreak

@Mr_DunH1ll released the vid on Twitter to show the iOS 6 jailbreak working on the iPhone 4S. He said that while the jailbreak worked, it had a few problems that needed ironing out before general release. These probs are thought to be due to the extra security Apple put into iOS 6.

The vid seems to show the iPhone 4S working on iOS 6 and Cydia, which suggests a jailbreak. This particular hacker is founder of the Arab Dev team for iOS 6 and OSX. This is a new team, too. The Twitter feed also seems to show an iPad running jailbroken iOS 6.

The Arab Dev team claims that their jailbreak works with devices on the A6 chip (like the iPhone 5). However, this wouldn’t be the first scam jailbreak, although there are no obvious signs of charlatanry.

Dev teams are getting closer to an iOS 6 jailbreak, obviously, but Chronic Dev thinks that there’s a lot of missing pieces before the solution is complete. If the Arab Dev team does have the right stuff, it’ll need other hackers to collaborate to bring the solution out even faster.

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