iOS 6 Jailbreak Public Release Tipped By Confirmaton Of iPad Mini Failbreak

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The wait is still going on for the untethered jailbreak for the iOS 6, and it seems that more details are coming out on the term “failbreak”. It looks as though there is a way to open up the iPad Mini, which could mean a public jailbreak will not be too far away for the public to download reports Product-Reviews.

iOS 6 jailbreak may be right around the corner

Failbreak means that a jailbreak has been made on a device already. However it differs from a traditional jailbreak in that it is only possible when you use a developer account of Apple. This is what Chpwn did when he caused the frenzy when he seemingly suggested that the jailbreak was achieved on an iPhone 5 which ran iOS 6 already.

At the moment there is no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 available for download. However the failbreak for the iPad Mini is a positive sign as it means the jailbreak for the iPad Mini could be just weeks away. It is an indication too that the underground communities are working hard to get the jailbreak out, many people have become somewhat disillusioned with what appear to be no apparent breakthroughs.

Apple developer accounts are not within easy reach of consumers, so at the moment all we can do is wait and hope that the jailbreak for iOS 6 for A5 and A6 devices is not long in coming our way. It will occur sooner or later, let’s just hope that it is sooner. For the time being it looks as though Apple have done an excellent job with the security of iOS 6.

Bear in mind that when January 2013 comes around it will be illegal to jailbreak the iPad Mini, thanks to rulings having changed from the DMCA. This means that developers have the need more than ever to get the jailbreak out to users who wish to jailbreak their iPad Mini. And it also means that they wouldn’t be bothered trying to jailbreak the iPad Mini if they weren’t certain they could get it done before it becomes illegal to do so.

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