iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 5: What’s The Word

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Anyone who enjoys the freedom of a jailbreak on their iPhone and who have bought the latest iPhone 5 or upgraded to iOS 6 will have one thing on their mind, and that is the untethered jailbreak. However at the moment things are not looking as good as we might have hoped.

iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5 this year looks slim

Jailbreak developers have been busy on Twitter recently talking about the iPhone 5 jailbreak progress. It was said that they are working on aspects of jailbreaking the iPhone 5 and one of these was on kernel exploits. There’s also famed jailbreak developer p0sixninja who was among those trying to find a way to dump the bootROM. However thanks to Apple having boosted the security on iOS this has not been possible for a number of years.

If someone has success with this then it would make the untethered jailbreak so much easier for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, along with iPhones of the future, as it would be a lot faster to jailbreak handsets. One of the most asked questions that p0d2g has had to answer is how far they are with the jailbreak for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

He said that at the moment he wasn’t focusing on userland exploits, but he did say that each day is different and he could go back to working on the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6 again. For the moment he is not working on it and things are not looking very good with other developers either. P0d2g has been on Twitter recently talking about how he will DJ at the upcoming WWJC in 2013.

A video was recently posted on YouTube featuring the jailbreak community and is excellent for those who wish to know all about the untethered jailbreak and how far things are for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. The video focuses on how a jailbreak is normally acheieved and has some of the top developers chiming in on it. Developers featured in the video include p0d2g, MuscleNerd and PlanetBeing. However they all say that right now the jailbreak is nowhere close.

P0d2g came back onto Twitter after a brief absence to talk about the fact that he would be a DJ at the WWJC, even so his fans welcomed him back, despite the fact that everyone would have liked to have heard something positive surrounding the hunt for a jailbreak. Of course developers do have a life of their own and people should bear this in mind. if iOS 6 is as hard to jailbreak as it has been suggested then developers will need to take some time off.

At the moment iOS 6 is one of the hardest of Apple’s operating systems to jailbreak and jailbreaker Joshua Hill has confirmed this. He also said that people should be aware of scammers who wanted money for the jailbreak. Some people have been setting up websites to look like those from developers. At the moment there is no untethered jailbreak in sight as this is one tough cookie to crack.

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