iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak Heralded By iPad Mini Failbreak!

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We’re still waiting for the iOS 6 jailbreak, and people are starting to talk about an iOS 6 failbreak. It seems like there’s a way to crack the iPad Mini, which means a public jailbreak is almost here reports Product-Reviews.

iOS 6 jailbreak may be right around the corner

A failbreak means that there’s already been a jailbreak on a given device, but it’s not quite the traditional jailbreak because it’s been done with an Apple developer account. This is what Chpwn did recently and caused a stir since many thought he successfully had jailbroken an iPhone 5 running iOS 6.

Nevertheless there’s still no untethered iOS 6 jailbreak for download, but the iPad Mini failbreak that we’ve already seen is a good sign as it heralds the iPad Mini jailbreak. It also shows how busy people are trying to get the jailbreak to the public, despite widespread disillusionment with the lack of breakthroughs.

Apple developer accounts are hard to come by, so we’ll just have to wait and hope that the iOS 6 jailbreak for A5 and A6 gadgets is coming soon. It will come sometime, but let’s hope it’s soon. One thing’s for sure and that that Apple has done amazingly well with iOS 6 security.

When January comes around, it’ll be illegal to jailbreak the iPad Mini due to DMCA rulings, so developers really need to get this solution out to users wanting to jailbreak their Minis soon. Surely they wouldn’t bother to try to jailbreak the Mini if they thought they’d miss this deadline?


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