iOS 6: Want Turn-By-Turn Navi? Buy A 4S Or Wait For iPhone 5

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WWDC 2012 saw the announcement of iOS 6 by Apple, and it was an exciting moment for Apple users. However the new updated operating system is not going to be able to upgrade everyone to the full extent.

iOS 6 free turn-by-turn navigation only for 4S now and in future the iPhone 5

Looking at Apple’s information page about iOS 6, we can see fragmentation. For one, the small print mentions that only iPhone 4S users will be able to get the turn-by-turn directions on the Map application. This means that iPhone 4 and 3GS users are unable to get this particular application updated. If owners of either of these devices really want this feature, they have no choice but to upgrade their actual handset to the iPhone 4S, or wait until autumn for the expected (not officially announced) arrival of the iPhone 5.

There are no reasons listed by Apple to explain why the 4 and 3GS users are unable to obtain this feature, But it should be noted that it may be due in part to the fact there is no dual-core A5 chip within either of those devices. This means that iPhone 4 owners want to utilise turn-by-turn navigation, they will have to use third-party paid apps such as TomTom, MobileNavigator and CoPilot.

This isn’t the only feature that failed to make it to the iPhone 4 or 3GS in iOS 6; they also will not be able to have the feature of the 3D Flyover. 3D flyover was shown by Apple during WWDC and it is a simulator of birds-eye view of a landscape. This has been created using aerial photographs joined together, and it shows a number of the larger US cities from this aerial perspective. Another that iPhone 4 and 3GS are missing are Siri, like the iPad 2 who also will not be able to access Siri.

The iPhone 3GS comes off the worst, as it will not be able to access shared photo streams, VIP mailbox features, and the ability to use FaceTime over 3GS. In fact, its performance may even be negatively impacted when iOS 6 is launched, like it was when iOS 4 came out.

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