Apple Defends Maps App: Your’e Not Using It Enough

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According to Apple their new map app is still in the very early stages and people should give it a chance. A spokeswoman for Apple told AllThingsD that people around the world were upgrading their devices to iOS 6, which has more than 200 new features, and Apple maps is one of them. This comes with turn by turn navigation, flyover, and Siri is integrated into it. She went on to say that is was a huge initiative and that Apple was just getting started with the app. The more people tuse the app, the better it will be, thanks to it being cloud based.

Apple: iOS 6 maps will get better the more its used

Apple have been receiving backlash from people worldwide, who say that while there are some great features on it, it does lack. Users have made criticism about the map app for having a lack of walking directions, listing companies, restaurants and bars which are closed down and imagery that is blocked due to the covering of clouds.

Apple said that they were working on it and will be fixing any problems that arise. A source told AllThingsD that Apple had put a team on it and at the moment the app was locked down as they tried to fix it.

There is also a rumour that Google have submitted their Google Maps app to the App Store, however for the moment Apple has not given its approval. Neither of the two companies was willing to make any comments on this.

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