iOS 6 Jailbreak Community Torn Apart After 6.0.1 Update

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There are many owners of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S who are upset due to the fact that there is no untethered jailbreak out since iOS 6 rolled out reports Product-Reviews. There are also iPhone 5 owners who have no choice given that iOS 6 came with the iPhone out of the box.

iOS 6 untethered jailbreak for iPhone

Many individuals might choose not to update to iOS 6 due to the fact that there is no untethered jailbreak for the OS. However the recent rollout of iOS 6.0.1 has torn the jailbreak community in half. Why?

Rumor has it that there was in fact an iOS 6 untethered jailbreak ready but developers were keeping it hidden until iOS 6.0.1 rolled out so that the exploit couldn’t be closed by Apple until the next update. Unfortunately the update has come and gone with no word from the jailbreak community of a potential jailbreak coming out now. This has many believe that Apple has really “closed” the iPhone up for good and a jailbreak may never come. As PR points out, this boat of iPhone users are even considering defecting to Android so they no longer have to take part in this cat and mouse game between Apple and jailbreakers.

While the iPhone should be yours the moment you pay for it and you should be able to do anything with it, Apple has been serious about preventing its iOS devices from being jailbroken so easily. In fact there is even a DMCA ruling that makes it illegal to jailbreak your iPad.

We were hoping for some good news after iOS 6.0.1 rolled out but it now looks like a potential jailbreak  still isn’t ready for primetime.

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