iOS 6 & Its 6 ‘New Features’ Taken From Android [DL]

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Today at the first day of WWDC 2012, Apple have announced iOS 6 which includes a number of features that iOS have been missing all this time, much to the delight of Apple lovers globally. For those of you who have an Android, you can however do just as much on your Android devices reports DroidLife (DL), as they put the new iOS 6 features under the spotlight and compare it with Android. Here we go:

DroidLife reviews iOS 6 and its “new Android features”

Maps: Apple now have “Maps” on their devices rather than Google Maps which is currently used. It seems like exactly what Android already have on their devices, with the 3D city images, and full comprehensive directions with voice, traffic and best routes. However we do not know why Apple ditched Google Maps as that included transit directions, offline maps and social integrating, which all now appear to be missing.

Tab Syncing & Safari: For 2 months, those using Chrome on their Android and desktop PC have been able to sync tabs. Now Apple have finally brought this into the iOS 6 with Safari – though not many people do actually use Safari on their desktop so this is not as useful as it seems – then again Apple are probably trying to get you to install Safari on your desktop PC.

Integration of Facebook: With the “deep” Facebook integration that has been features on iOS 5 as well as iOS 6, you are able to write posts, share links and URLs, and sync your contacts and calendar commitments. If you have Android, you were already able to do this with not only Facebook, but Twitter and any other app that would require it, such as Pocket, Google Drive, Drop Box and Gmail. Although Google removed sharing capabilities a little with the stock Ice Cream Sandwich, but HTC, Motorola and Samsung kept it with their custom skins.

Quick Reply & Phone: iOS 6 also explained their quick replies as though it was something new to the market – it isn’t. If you have Android you should realize that immediately upon ending a phone call, you are provided with a menu to be reminded of the call at a later date or text them. You are also with most of them, able to make a standard text message that can be sent immediately.

FaceTime over Cellular: Previously, you could not video chat with others on FactTime unless there was a WiFi connection. Now you can do it without WiFi through your mobile network. This may seem new but it isn’t – many apps for video chat on Android already offer this, and also Google Talk has offered it for nearly two years, before Gingerbread.

Mail: There is now a category in mail on iOS 6 called “VIP” which is similar to the priority inbox you see on Gmail. You can choose contacts/groups to go to that category, though you do0 have to set it up manually unlike with Gmail, which learns by itself. Mail on iOS 6 also allows for simpler photo embedding on e-mails, but this is nothing new for Android users.

DroidLife ends by pointing out that the new additions to iOS 6 shows how little they are bringing to the market in terms of innovation – they are actually just catching up with Android. The claim by Apple was that there are roughly 200 new features on iOS 6, so if these ones they chose to discuss were the best, that it is underwhelming.

What do you think of DroidLife’s views on iOS 6? Is it justified or are they being slightly bias given that they are an Android community blog?

Source: DroidLife

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