iOS 6: 5 Features You Likely Didn’t Know Existed

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iOS 6 is now out and Apple has already shown us a lot of the tricks that the operating system has up its sleeve. However there is much more to the iOS 6 than just maps and Passbook. There are in fact numerous tweaks that go towards enhancing the latest OS and some of these are not so obvious at first glance. So here are 5 iOS 6 features you might have missed.

5 iOS 6 features you likely didn’t notice

The new map app has turn by turn navigation, fly over and 3D image renderings. One feature of it is the option to zoom out when in satellite mode so that you can see Earth as you would see it from space. All you have to do is pinch and zoom as you would normally, and then keep going until you are far way and the map turns into a globe. You can also spin the earth around and you can truly say that you have the whole world in your hands.

The panorama feature of the iPhone 5 was shown when the iPhone launched. But one thing you might not know is that the panorama mode does actually work on any device that has a dual core processor and iOS 6 installed. This means you can take panorama shots on your iPhone 4S. However this features does not seem to be on the iPad 2 and 3rd gen iPads.

Photos in e-mail drafts are now possible. All you have to do is tap in the blank area of an email and hold down and the cut and paste menu will then pop up if you are in landscape mode. In portrait mode just click on the arrow on the right and this will bring the option up to include a photo.

While YouTube may have been taken out of iOS 6 you can still get it if you want it. You can download the app from the App Store; however videos cannot be uploaded to YouTube. But you can upload them from iOS 6 itself by picking a video on your handset and choosing “share”.

If you wanted to share a calendar the only way to do it was on a computer. Now with iOS 6 you can do it by selecting calendars from inside the app and then tapping on the arrow which is located on the right of the calendar that you wish to share. by choosing “Shared with” you can choose who to share the calendar with and what privileges they have.

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