Three iOS 6 Features You Soon Can’t Live Without

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When iOS 6 hits the streets later this year, it’ll become apparent that Apple has refined it and has focussed on two important factors – convenience and accessibility. Let’s have a quick look at some key features that have been improved by iOS 6.

Best iOS 6 features

Siri: Thankfully, Apple’s digital assistant Siri has undergone a much needed and hotly anticipated update. She has gained some extra functionality when it comes to questions about sport, films and dining. There’s also more system-wide functionality, as well as much more language support.

Siri has more knowledge about basketball, soccer, hockey, football and baseball. Users will be able to ask questions about specific games, teams or players, as well as major league rankings. Not only will you get a snappy answer, but you’ll see some cool graphics which will support the answer.

Do Not Disturb: The iOS 6 update provides iPhone users with a useful sanctuary from the countless messages, alerts, pings, texts and calls that demand our attention every few minutes throughout the day. Do Not Disturb lets these missives get through, but your iPhone won’t light up, beep, ring or vibrate.

It’s not like just turning the phone off, though, as you can filter this silencer. If you’re waiting for a particular friend or relative to message you, you can set up exceptions – either a single person or a group. Calls and messages from these exceptions will get through. A particularly useful feature is that you can ask Do Not Disturb to disengage if there are two calls within three minutes from the same number. This is because repeated calls like this could indicate an emergency.

Mail App: Of course, Apple’s Mail app really needed an update, and iOS 6 rises to this challenge. You can finally pull down to refresh your inbox for new messages. You can add photos and videos to emails from the compose window (hurray!). Before this update, you had to go into Camera Roll to select a photo or video to email.

iOS 6 lets you flag some contacts as VIPs, so if you’re waiting for a special message, or a message from a special person, you’ll get a notification on your lock screen to tell you it’s in your inbox. Emails from all of your VIPs can be gathered into a single folder, and flagged messages can have their own folder, too.

If you need to handle any password-protected Microsoft Office documents, iOS 6 enables you to open them on your iDevice as well.

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