iOS 6 Features Limited On Some Apple Devices (Full Breakdown)

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With iOS 6 just having been announced by Apple earlier this week at the WWDC 2012, if you are a current Apple user you would probably like to know exactly how this affects you and your device. The updated operating system has some features that may not be compatible with your device and thus you won’t feel the benefits and if you want these features you may still have to buy a new device.

iOS 6 features limited on some Apple devices (breakdown)

Fortunately, to help you out, Apple have released all the information you need about the features that you will get if you upgrade to the iOS 6 depending on which device you own (e.g. iPhone, iPod, iPad). Even more fortunately, Engadget has gathered this information and placed it in a very easy to read chart so that you can take just one quick look to see what you will get out of this upgrade. Sadly, if all the features look appealing to you, you do have no choice but to go for the iPhone 4S.

We do understand in most cases why not all Apple devices have not upgraded in all areas, such as the lack of actual hardware and performance limits, though it is going to make features on these devices all a bit inconsistent, with some getting upgrades and some not i.e. the ‘F’ word – Fragmentation. We are also curious about the iPod Touch as the information released by Apple does not specify whether “iPhone 4 or later” includes iPod Touch or not. If we find out one way or the other we will tell you immediately so do keep checking back.

We are also very aware that iOS 6 is making those with older devices feel pushed to get a new device, particularly those who benefit in no way from the iOS 6 like users of the first iPad. Altogether we have mixed feelings about iOS 6, we are glad that Apple are catching up with Android with regards to features. The iOS 6 update reportedly boasts 200 new features.

iOS 6 features breakdown by device

iOS 6 features breakdown by device

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