iOS 6 Evasi0n: Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone Today

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If you own an iOS device then you are faced with the question of whether to go ahead and jailbreak your handset or not. This question is more relevant as within the last 24 hours Evasi0n has been released. Jailbreaking is just a matter of preference of course.

A jailbreak is a lot different to rooting an Android handset. With Android you can root the device and then load custom ROMs. This means that the limits of the device can be pushed. When it comes to the iOS jailbreak it is in a way similar to rooting, however you are limited to just installing more services on your device and not an entire OS.

Some services are worth it; however there are some that are half-baked, with others being great. You can expect this of course in a community that is non-approved.

So if you want to go ahead and jailbreak your device you might want to check out the video below by PocketNow which gives 5 reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone or any other iOS device for that matter.

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