iOS 6: Everything That’s Wrong With It

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Along with the roll out of the highly anticipated iOS 6 update naturally comes bugs. So we’ve taken to gathering the most complaints heard so far in regards to iOS 6. Is your iOS device showing any of these symptoms since you updated?

iOS 6 complaints from around the web so far

Some owners of devices have reported that they can’t even install the new iOS 6 update, others have said that they can’t visit the App Store after doing so. Some cannot get Passbook to work and others are having issues with Wi-Fi and syncing. The list of bugs seems to go on and on forever.

One owner of the iPhone 4S said that they have had issues with trying to log in to when using Wi-Fi. Another said that they had the same problem and also had the same issue on the iPad. Another user said that they had had problems on their iPad 2 but on the 4S everything was fine. While someone else said that they had fixed the Wi-Fi issue by resetting the network settings. By the way don’t mess with the network settings, the issue was on Apple’s end which requires you ping their site to check if your browser had an active connection when on WiFi. This issue has since been resolved by Apple.

It seems that people are getting frustrated with iOS 6 and have tried everything except for downgrading which is not so simple. Personally I have noticed a heavier drain on my iPhone 4S battery since updating to iOS 6 but will hold judgement until further tests. Have you suffered the same issues with iOS 6 or maybe different ones?

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