iOS 6 Can’t Even Beat Android 4.0, Jellybean Arriving Too (ZDNet)

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iOS 6 was finally made official by Apple at WWDC 2012 this week, and will be a welcome update for current Apple users. However it only brings their operating systems up to the benchmark that Android already set with the Ice Cream Sandwich, reports ZDNet. Previously, Apple has improved on software existing in other operating systems like with iOS 5, but Android have upped their game and Apple have struggled to improve on the standard set by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

iOS 6 features are nothing new

While 200 features were announced, the features they chose to speak about at WWDC 2012 are not a great leap forward when you compare them to the ICS, as such ZDNet assumes that the other features must be even more underwhelming. We are looking forward to reviews coming out over the coming weeks now that developers have got their hands on beta versions. Until then though, things don’t looks so great.

Below are a couple of features ZDNet points out Apple chose to present on that the iOS 6 will have, compared to what’s already available on Android Ice Cream Sandwich:

Maps – No longer Google but an Apple map, powered by TomTom. This is aesthetically appealing and easy to use, with some good features like turn-by-turn navigation, traffic monitoring and integration in apps based on location. However it’s missing some items like offline maps and bicycle, pedestrian and public transport routes which are present on Google maps on Android.

Mail – You can now have more than one signature, add attachments within the e-mail client (though still limited), and the ability to direct certain e-mails directly to a “VIP” inbox. It’s a bit shocking they’ve taken this long, as these should be very basic essential parts of any mail app and are available on Android phones already.

Social Networking – Facebook support is now provided in addition to Twitter which was already available on iOS 5. However this still does not reach the extent to which Android offers sharing support, capability and integration of social networking with the devices (Android offers both Twitter and Facebook plus other social apps integration).

Notifications – You can now reply to phone calls with an SMS if you are unable to answer, in addition to a “do not disturb” feature. You can get features like this via third-party Android apps in the Google Play Store for sometime now.

FaceTime on 3G – People have been frustrated in the past that they could only use FaceTime if connected to wireless. They will now be able to use it over 3G, like others do with Tango, Skype, etc. This should help carriers who do not offer unlimited data to cash in! But again, it was already on offer with Skype – which is easier to use across more platforms anyhow.

This update has been a long time coming and will be a relief for frustrated iOS users. They have improved a great deal, but there is little to distinguish them from their Android competition. Lastly, even if iOS 6 has finally ‘caught up’ with Android, ZDNet concludes that  Android is actually due an upgrade itself later in June to Android 4.1 or 5.- (Jellybean) so is expected to shoot out in front again in terms of features and functionality – though it may face competition with Windows Phone 8. Check out ZDNet’s full story on iOS 6 and how it still lags behind Android below.

Source: ZDNet

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