Apple’s Patent Hammer Stubs Own Toe, Company Stole Iconic Design Says SBB

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It looks like the tables have turned on Apple as the Swiss Federal Railway have said that Apple have used the design of their iconic clock without getting permission in the clock app found on the latest iOS 6 update.

iOS 6 clock app design infringes on Swiss Railway clock

The Swiss Railway clock was designed by Hans Hilfiker and today it is well known and associated with not just the Swiss railway, but also Switzerland. Both the copyright and the trademark is the property of the Swiss Federal Railways.

According to MacRumours, the SBB is the owner of the copyright and trademark and they will be contacting Apple to reach a legal and financial solution. After all Apple cannot just simply copy the patented design of the clock for their app without repercussions. They should know this better than any other company.

Apple Switzerland has yet not made any comment on the matter and they told reporters to go to the corporate Apple headquarters in the US for more information. The new clock app in iOS 6 does look awesome and I couldn’t pinpoint where I saw it before. Well it is now clear since the iOS 6 clock app appears to be an exact copy (or “homage” as some might put it) of that of the Swiss railway. Check it out below for yourself.

The design of the clock is licensed widely, Mondaine actually sell replica clocks around the globe. So Apple should be able to get a license to use it and not be forced to push an OTA update to the millions of iOS 6 users out there.

iOS 6 clock app and actual Swiss railway clock design

iOS 6 clock app and actual Swiss railway clock design

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