iOS 10 Will No Longer Support Jailbreaking As Apple Reinvents Platform

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There is bad news today for all owners of Apple devices who like to jailbreak them as we have heard that iOS 10 isn’t going to support jailbreaking thanks to Apple having reinvented the platform.

Yes it looks like Apple has finally had enough of people coming up with jailbreaks for their handsets. They have been making the devices more difficult to crack with each version of iOS they release but now they have put their foot down firmly and reinvented the Apple platform with iOS 10, making sure that devices can no longer be jailbroken.

As you might expect Apple hasn’t said anything about what they have done to stop people jailbreaking iOS and don’t expect them to say anything anytime soon.

Jailbreaking generally involves a person running a privilege escalation attack on their own handset. This allows them to exploit vulnerability and gives them root access to the handset. This then means that owners are able to side load such as Cydia and gain access to more apps along with other things.

Now Apple have firmly put their foot down against jailbreaking as they have reinvented the iOS platform and devices in future running the new platform will not be able to be jailbroken when running on iOS 10.