iOS 10 Does Away With Jailbreaking Thanks To Reinvention Of Platform

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Apple is putting their foot down to stop jailbreaking of handsets once and for all as they are said to have reinvented the iOS platform with iOS 10. This means that owners of phones will find it impossible to jailbreak their devices.

Apple have had a long battle with owners of iOS device who want to jailbreak but now it looks like they have had enough. Each successive iOS build has been harder and harder to break and now Apple have reinvented the platform making it impossible to jailbreak devices running on iOS 10, when they launch it.

Apple wants you to use their software only and have fought away to do away with jailbreaking and the installation of apps such as Cydia.

Jailbreaking has always meant that developers have had to find vulnerabilities in the iOS software. Up to now they have been able to do just that and this has given people root access to their devices. With iOS 10 this isn’t going to be possible, so it looks like Apple have finally won the battle.