iPhone 5: Instagram Gets Updated For iOS 6 Users

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The iPhone 5 has been released with a larger display than other versions at 4 inches. Due to this developers of apps had to rush to ensure their apps would fit the new screen size and today an announcement has been made of a new Instagram app which is ready for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. The Instagram version is 3.1 and users can get it in the App Store.

Instagram update for iOS 6 & iPhone 5

Version 3.1 of the software fills the new iPhone 5 screen up and it has a new registration screen for first times. TheNextWeb has said that one feature is missing on the update, live filtering. This previously allowed users to choose a filter when they were taking a photo. This feature will be phased out and it starts with this update. It is thought that this is to ensure a good user experience.

Apps that have not been updated for the iPhone 5 will show a black bar at the top and the bottom on the display. All of the popular apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest have been updated to avoid this issue.

Coincidentally, all the attention at this time seems to be towards the disappointing Apple Maps app and the new App Store with its somewhat annoying cards layout.

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