Infiniti Truck Rendering Follows Tesla Footsteps In Creating Crazy Truck Concept

The newly unveil Tesla Cybertruck looked pretty crazy but it looks like we can expect to see more concepts similar to that coming our way in the near future with automakers like Mercedes, Kia and Hyundai all announcing that they are working on pickup trucks of their own.

The concept seen here was created by artist Karol Proba who thinks that the Infiniti pickup truck could or should look like this. Called the Quick-X, the car looked minimalist but also stylish and functional at the same time. What is the most interesting about the truck is the windshield with stretches right from the front covering the hood as well.

The end results are something that does look very futuristic but of course, chances of us actually seeing this on the road is pretty slim. In fact, we think the Tesla Cybertruck will also be toned down significantly before it arrives.