Infiniti Talks Gas-Powered EV With 400HP

Infiniti has been around for 30 years now and they are celebrating it by revealing a little more about what they have planned in the future in terms of EV vehicles.

Unlike some of the automakers out there, Infiniti is taking things slow with the EV models but that does not mean they have nothing planned. The company will be working on some EV models as gas-generated EV models.

The gas-powered EVs are EV models that will come with a much smaller battery pack but will also be getting a fuel tank for the 1.5 liters three-cylinder petrol engine that the vehicle will be fitted with. The petrol engine in the vehicle will work as a generator for the vehicle.

They did not reveal much but did say that they aim to have the vehicles delivered in between 248hp to 429hp. While most companies are looking to make the jump to EV, Infiniti is looking to build something in between for those still unsure if they can commit to an EV right now.