Infiniti Prototype 10 Matches Audi’s Single Seat Offering

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The Pebble Beach is where you will want to be at if you want to check out some of the more outrageous electric concepts that automakers have to offer. We also saw the single seat offering from Audi and now we also get to see the new single-seat Infiniti Prototype 10.

The design of the vehicle will remind us of the classic race cars like the 1950s Jaguar C. The single passenger will have virtually zero wind protection but there is a prominent headrest that incorporates a fin-shaped aero element.

We also know that the concept will be powered by an electric engine but no word on what it actually is. What we do know is that the concept was fitted with the steer-by-wire Direct Adaptive Steering system.

While this will most likely not make it into production, it does give us an idea of where Infiniti is going when it comes to their electric vehicles as they plan to have some sort of electrification on all new production models from 2021 onwards.