Infinite Warfare Could Break Up With Modern Warfare Remastered To Go It Alone

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One of the best-selling first person shooting games, and the newest, is Call of Duty Infinite Warfare. However the success of the game has been brought to question by gamers worldwide. Many people are wondering if the game is in fact so good to play or if the success of it was all down to Modern Warfare Remastered.

Modern Warfare Remastered comes with Infinite Warfare and it has been a huge boost to the title. It has made Infinite Warfare more attractive looking and results of sales have proven that is had worked well for the developer.

In a poll online 9,200 people were asked and many said that that only bought Infinite Warfare so that they could play Modern Warfare Remastered. The older trilogy of games is said to be rated more fun to play that Infinite Warfare is.

So Modern Warfare Remastered is liked a lot more than Infinite Warfare. So with this in mind we believe that it should be offered as a standalone game. Of course this is something that will not happen before Infinite Warfare sales have reached rock bottom, as of course Activision will want to get as much money from it as possible.

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