Indivisible Getting First DLC Pack In Days

Indivisible will be getting a new DLC very soon. This will be the first paid DLC for the game so we should expect some pretty amazing content.

Called the Razmi’s Challenges pack, the expansion will not be free but for $8, players will be able to get 40 new challenges that they can play after they reach Mt. Sumeru. Razmi will also appear in Ajna’s Inner Realm where challenges will be offered.

The DLC will be offered on PC, PS4, and Xbox One but it will not come with the Switch version of the game when it is launch since that game will be based on an earlier build. While the game have gotten mix review from the fans, it is still regarded as one of the RPG that tried to do something different.

Previous updates offered including the New Game Plus and co-op modes were offered for free.