If Bugatti Chiron Took On The Flash Who Would Win?

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When writing about supercars writers usually take on a serious tone, but not today, today we thought that it was time that we had some fun. The latest offering from Bugatti is the Bugatti Chiron.

This is said to be the fastest vehicle on the road and it is going to be tested to the limit. It’s not unusual to see videos of supercars racing each other but today we have seen the Bugatti Chiron going up against the superhero, The Flash.

Now everyone knows that The Flash is the fastest guy around, so how would the fastest car around, the Bugatti Chiron, come out in a race?

The race didn’t happen in real life of course, that would be impossible. It was held in GTA 5 and the Bugatti Chiron came out of it looking very good. You can check the video out for yourself, but did the Chiron win or The Flash?

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