New iPhone Crash Sensor Calls For Help Upon Impact Detection

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If you are out on your bike and you have an accident, and are on your own and hurt, it could be just a matter of luck for someone to find you and help. Unless you have the ICEdot that is, which is a small sensor that attaches to your helmet and knows when you have had an impact.

ICEdot for iPhone send out alert for help when you’re in an accident

The sensor can detect any change and it will start a countdown if it notices that you have made an impact with something, such as falling off your bike. The device will send out an alert by way of a call or text message. This is possible by linking it with your iPhone via Bluetooth whereby there is a special countdown app. If you can stop the countdown yourself the alert will be sent out. However, the downside is that you have to have cell phone service and in some remote places this is impossible.

If the iPhone can get a signal there is then the question of battery life with the device, however it is thought that it can be recharged overnight. Any sporting enthusiasts should be interested in the ICEdot device though as it could mean that your iPhone can save your life.

While we’ve seen many apps in the App Store that can get you out of a jiff, the ICEdot happens to be the first of its kind, for the iPhone at least.

ICEdot for iPhone app

ICEdot for iPhone app

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