Hyundai Prophecy Concept Showing Us The Future

Hyundai finally took the covers off their new Hyundai Prophecy concept, a new EV concept that will carry the design that we will see on other EV models from Hyundai in the near future.

The new concept is an EV four-door model that will be coming in with extended wheelbase. arching roofline, short overhangs and more. The concept is riding on the new EV architecture from Hyundai.

With aerodynamics in mind, the vehicle had no crease and was fitted with propeller-shaped alloy wheels. The tail also fitted a rear spoiler and extended overhang to make it even more aerodynamics. The concept was also fitted with pixel lamp lights as seen on the Hyundai 45 concept.

The name of the concept itself suggests that we will be seeing more of these design features in the future which is pretty exciting as what Hyundai has to offer here is pretty unique and fresh.