Hyundai Pickup Truck Sharing Engine With GV80?

The new Genesis GV80 was fitted with Hyundai’s new diesel engine and it is now believed that the upcoming Hyundai pickup truck could be coming with the same engine as well.

The pickup truck that was mentioned here is not the Santa Cruz truck but the 1-tonne pickup truck that we will be getting soon. The engine that we might be seeing under the hood is a 3.0-liter straight-six turbo-diesel engine that will be offering about 274hp and 434lb ft of torque.

The new pickup will come riding on the traditiional ladder-frame chassis that will be different from what the Snata Cruz will have to offer. The new truck iwll laso come in to compete with mdoels like the Toyota Hilux and Ford Rnager and will be offered in the US and also Australia.

There is not a whole lot of details right now so we will have to wait and see.