Hyundai Offers Two Flavors For 275hp VW Golf GTI Rival

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People in the US are getting agitated and want to know if this is the hot hatchback that is heading to the US to take on the VW Golf GTI with its 275 horses.

In Australia we have heard some juicy details about the first Hyundai N model, which is said to be thei30 N hot hatchback. There was a reveal that wasn’t intentional during a presentation and this led people to believe that it would offer up 250 horses. If the buyer goes for the optional performance package the power output rises to 275 horses.

The vehicle is said to be arriving with a six speed manual transmission and it should be made available later on with eight speed dual clutch, at some point in 2019. Hyundai is planning to reveal the new electronic limited-slip differential on the i30 and we are expecting to see a quad exhaust on the i30 N.

The Hyundaii30 N is going to offer upgrades to its appearance, these will include new aero elements with side skirts, spoiler on the trunk and special wheels. The availability of the vehicle in the US wasn’t mentioned at the presentation.

With hot hatchbacks being popular in the US Hyundai will want to make the most of it and the Elantra GT is offered with sports trim offering 201 horses. Maybe they will offer up an N version of the Elantra, so we could see two versions coming our way to take on the VW Golf GTI.

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