Hyundai Nexo FCV Impresses With Long List Of New Tech

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Since Hyundai did choose CES to showcase their upcoming Hyundai Nexo FCV, we were already expecting them to highlight some of the new techs that the vehicle will be offering but Hyundai definitely took it a step further.

Besides showing off the new Hyundai Nexo crossover, Hyundai also pointed out some of the new techs that the vehicle will be offered with like the blind spot view monitor. As the name would suggest, the system will help the driver see areas that the traditional rearview mirror can’t.

Other features include the lane following assist that will adjust the steering to follow the ane as well as the highway driving assist function which will use sensors and map data to adjust the speed of the vehicle.

Let’s also not forget about the Remote Smart Parking Assist function which will allow users to park and retrieve their vehicle remotely.

The Hyundai Nexo will be powered by a fuel cell engine that will be offering about 160hp and 291lb ft of torque. It will also be offering about 370miles of range.

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