Hyundai New Concept Will Make Tesla Worried?

Hyundai was at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta where they showed off their new HDC-6 Neptune concept.

The new concept is a Class 8 heavy-duty semi that runs on hydrogen. It was also given an Art Deco design that was inspired by the railway trains from 1930. In the front of the semi is a huge windscreen that appears to be flowing into the cab. Other tech includes the digital side mirrors.

Hyundai did not say anything about the performance of the Semi but they did announce a press conference happening this week where we might be able to learn a little more about the upcoming truck.

Other than showing off the new concept, the automaker also showed off their Nitro ThermoTech trailer which was developed with the help of Air Liquide and is refrigeration system uses cryogenic nitrogen that is said to cool the trailer quicker than the traditional way.