Hyundai Neuroscience Concept Is The Opposite Of Driverless Tech

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With most of the automakers now working on an autopilot system of their own, it does feel like driverless car is going to be where we will all be heading in the future but it looks like Hyundai plans to keep their drivers on the wheels with their latest tech.

Hyundai unveils their new Neuroscience Concept at the Art+Technolody LAB this week. The concept was the brainchild of Jonathan Keats. Instead of taking the driver off the wheel, the concept enhances the driving experience of the driver with new sensory experiences allowing the driver to be one with the car.

Hyundai added that the soundtrack playing on the stereo, speaker and the pitch of the soundtrack will all play a role in conveying what the car is experiencing. Of course, we don’t think this will end up being a production model but it is interesting to see Hyundai exploring some new tech and features.

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