Hyundai Lafesta EV Sneak Into China

Automakers have been trying to slide in a few EV models here and there and one of the latest ones from Hyundai will be the Lafesta EV which was released in China this week.

Set to arrive in China next year, the new Hyundai Lafesta EV will come with a sporty yet sexy design that is unlike what the other Hyundai is offering. Some of the biggest updates will be the front fascia which now does not have any grille. In its place is a Hyundai logo with chrome trim and LED headlights.

At the bottom are a new fog light, vertical air intakes, and a unique bumper. In the back, the vehicle was given an aerodynamic rear bumper with a slim reflector. In place of the exhaust system is a diffuser now. For the EV model, Hyundai will also be offering a special Shooting Star hue.

While there were a lot of changes on the outside, the interior will remain mostly the same. With the electric motor, the Lafesta EV will be able to travel about 304miles of range on a single charge.