Hyundai Ioniq Would Inspire Prius To Learn From Its Mistakes

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The Hyundai Ioniq may be the vehicle that will inspire the Toyota Prius to learn from its mistakes.

When considering purchasing a new vehicle one of the main things people go on is the pricing. The Hyundai Ioniq is offered in the US with a price tag of $22,200. This is something that the Toyota Prius should take note of as the base grade Prius comes in at $2,485 more. The Hyundai EV is heading to California this April and it will start at $29, 500 and this is $1, 180 less than the entry version of the Leaf.

The manager-product planning of Hyundai Motors America said that value for money is essential in the US market as customers have come to expect to get a lot for their money. This led to the pricing of the Ioniq hybrid and the electric.

Hyundai said that they have given the Hyundai Ioniq a character that is fun to drive thanks to independent rear suspension, sport mode with faster acceleration and the hood, suspension and lift gate are made from aluminium, which means the weight is reduced.

The powertrains of the Hyundai Ioniq have a lot to play in the achievements of the fuel economy. The base Blue grade offers 58mpg and this beats the Toyota Prius 56mpg. The engine is the Kappa 1.6 litre 4-cylinder and it comes with a bigger lithium-ion battery pack, which comes from LG Chem.