Hyundai Ioniq vs Toyota Prius: The Ugly That Wouldn’t Matter Anymore

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Looks like Hyundai’s first all-electric car, the Ioniq, which is a sedan that will be sold with options to turn it into a gasoline-hybrid, a plug-in, or a fully-electric car. And it’s dubbed to be “The Prius-Killer” too. Check out the two images released by the company for enthusiasts’ pleasure.


While we haven’t really seen the front of the car yet, we do get a good look at the back of it, and it looks somewhat like the Toyota Prius, a car that Hyundai is clearly attempting to outclass. Despite this, the Hyundai back looks more familiar, and the company is clearly looking to sell the car to the mass market.

While that’s also true of the Prius, Toyota has always leaned a little more into the weirdness when it comes to the design of the car, polarizing opinions of it. As mentioned, Hyundai plans to offer three different versions. The hybrid version will ease stress that might come with driving the car long-range,while the all-electric is obviously the best for both the user’s wallet and the environment.

The Ioniq will launch in March at the Geneva Auto Show, at which point we hope to find out information like pricing. Stay tuned as we’ll update more about it as this progresses.

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