Hyundai i30 N Speed Could Cause Concern For Ford Focus RS

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Hyundai have been working on the Hyundai i30N and this is the fastest sport hatchback to come from South Korea. The car maker wants to offer up a vehicle into the performance market that makes an impact and they believe that the i30N is the vehicle that is going to do this.

But just how could Hyundai make a big impression with the Hyundai i30N? Well we think that the easiest way to do so would be to outdo the current champion that falls under the category of sports hatchback and this is the Ford Focus RS.

Today Hyundai showed off the Hyundai i30N, the vehicle that may cause concern for the Ford Focus RS. They showed a video clip of the vehicle and it was promoting the fact that the vehicle has been designed for extreme handling.

Along with this we can see that the Hyundai i30N is going to arrive with the manual gearbox.

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