Hyundai i30 N Not Arriving On US Soil, Will Elantra Prosper?

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Hyundai have revealed the Hyundai i30 N sports car concept that is going to be put into production. This is a sporting hatchback that is going to come with a choice of two trims and both of these are going to be tailored to offer up maximum performance.

There is a downside though for people living in the US and this is that the vehicle isn’t making its way to US soil. Hyundai said that people in the states don’t get on with sports hatchbacks and this is the reason it won’t arrive there.

So it is looking as though the Hyundai i30 N isn’t going stateside and this means that the US is going to have to make do with the Elantra high performance version, which comes in ahead of the Elantra Sport.

The high performance version of the Elantra is going to offer up the V6 turbocharged engine from the Hyundai i30 B and it is going to take on the Ford Focus RS. But will the Elantra prosper?

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