Hyundai Genesis: Glitz And Glamour

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Hyundai threw everything at their disposal at the Genesis from LED running lights to HID headlights in an effort to attract upscaled buyers. The result is a large, smooth and very quick sedan with a variety of features that are pretty unique and useful. For instance, when you’re about to enter the car at night, the ground outside of the front passenger doors is illuminated with a light that reads, “Genesis”, and thus, prepares you for what’s inside.

And the inside sure is plenty good, too. There’s the multimedia control system, eight-inch touch-screen with an optional 9.2-inch touch screen, a multifunction display and thankfully, real knobs that can be used to control functions. There’s also a head-up reveal that offers drivers a variety of important data including your speed, a Blue Link communications system that has a voice-recognition programme, and even an optional remote start feature.

You’re now seeing all the good that it has to offer, but the Genesis has its fair share of downsides too. And that is the V6 version, the 16mpg in the city and 26mpg and the handling is really best left when the Hyundai is left in Sports Mode. If you would rather have a more relaxed ride instead, try Normal, but when stuck in traffic, Eco would definitely help to ease your pain.

Would that all be convincing enough to have you putting the Genesis into consideration?

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